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EveryCity provides managed cloud hosting that’s personalised to customers’ needs and looked after by small, friendly, solution-focused teams.

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What kind of hosting is right for you?

Managed Cloud Hosting

Our fully managed service means we become your dedicated systems admin team, taking care of your operations from top to tail.

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Dedicated Servers

Guaranteed privacy and performance from branded, enterprise hardware, with mix & match private cloud, hybrid cloud and bare metal solutions, all seamlessly integrated.

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Bespoke Solutions

Tailormade combining standard and custom components and best in class, third party products and services where appropriate. Our aim is to deliver the best solution at the best price.

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Managed Hosting

24/7 Support. Whenever you need it.
  • Fully Managed

    We know that you need to focus on what’s important. That’s why we offer a fully managed service as standard, taking responsibility for everything up to and including the application layer.

  • Proactive Not Reactive

    Prevention is better than cure. If something goes wrong, we’ll be the first to know about it - and most of the time we’ll fix the problem before you’re even aware of it.

  • Extra Resource / Space Management

    Running out of system resources? No problem. We’ll automatically increase them for you exactly when needed, so your service is always ticking along as it should. No midnight calls necessary.

  • Expert Support 24/7

    Our small team is on hand 24/7, 365 days a year. We function as an extension of your business, so you can be sure that our expert support is tailored precisely to your needs.

You're in good company


  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    Whatever you are trying to achieve, just ask: ten to one we can find a great solution for you – which might be wholly deployed on a third party cloud, wholly deployed on our own, or perhaps a combination of the two.

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  • Devops

    From continuous integration through to configuration management, DevOps support and consultancy is fully included in our managed service at no extra cost.

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  • Application Management

    Our management extends to your applications, too. Our proactive monitoring can pick up on not only system issues but also application level issues.

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  • Managed Migrations

    Ready to move? We will completely manage your migration and transfer you seamlessly to our servers, without any frustrating downtime or data loss.

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  • Security Compliance

    When your website is running like clockwork and we are on board to keep it that way, the next thing to consider is safety and security for all the data you’re storing and creating.

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We feel safe that no matter the situation, we will have a smooth-running, optimised website working in tandem with our nationwide retail outlets. James Amos, Director Boodles

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Thinking About Moving?

Managed Migrations

We know moving is a big deal. That’s why we offer a free complimentary managed migration service, project managing every aspect to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Zero Downtime

    We guarantee uninterrupted service and absolutely no data loss when you move.

  • A Seamless Transition

    We’ll work closely with your team to ensure your transition is as streamlined as possible.

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