Cloud Hosting

At EveryCity, we love cloud. It is flexible, scalable and quick to deploy. We can create a cloud server for you at the click of a button and we can change, grow and adapt it to your needs just as easily.

Cloud servers are perfect for fast paced hosting, which many businesses today demand. EveryCity’s cloud servers behave just like dedicated servers making them great for all hosting requirements, and you benefit from not being tied to hardware. This means that if the hardware your site happens to be hosted on develops a fault, we’ll simply move you elsewhere. And seamlessly, behind the scenes, we’ll regularly refresh the hardware so that you will always be running on kit that is as modern and powerful as you need it to be.

The revolutionary benefit of cloud is its unique capability to change and flex to meet your needs. Disk, CPU and RAM can be increased or decreased to match demand, while prices scale as you grow. Our cloud platform is burstable, so if you have a temporary spike in traffic your server will be able to cope – we’ll just make sure it has the resources it needs to ensure uninterrupted service.

As a Service

Where do we fit in?

Cloud hosting is often talked about in terms of either Infrastructure, Platform or Software ‘As a Service’ – IaaS, PaaS or SaaS respectively. So where does EveryCity fit in? Infrastructure? Absolutely, we manage all of that, up to and including the OS layer. Platform? Yes, we can also provide servers fully set up and configured with your choice of frameworks and stack software – click here to see some examples of our supported stacks. SaaS – a little bit (for example we offer hosted email solutions). Where we really fit in here though is if you have developed an application, we can team up: you do the software, we provide the infrastructure and the end user accesses the application ‘as a service’.

We’re dedicated to giving you the best possible service as standard. When you call you’ll get directly through to a technical account manager who is ready to help with whatever you need. We go the extra mile for you. We are there for you whenever you need us, 24/7/365. We become part of your team – your own dedicated system and network administrators – and we operate to a premium SLA, guaranteeing you 100% uptime and the fastest possible support response times.

  • Cloud Servers

    Our cloud servers are ideal for staging or production and come preconfigured with a range of platform and stack options. We have an extensisive package repo so it’s very easy to install and manage all sort of applications.

    Scale up, scale down, scale out – it’s all very straightforward. Video servers, web servers, application servers, caching servers – whatever you need.

  • Scalable Database Service (SDS)

    Our Scalable Databse Service runs on hardware optimised for database loads, along with RAID level 10, for fast disk access.

    Unlike other cloud operating systems, the virualisation technology we use (SmartOS) simply containerises resources and therefore carries no performance overhead, delivering all the speed of dedicated tin plus all the scalability of cloud – the best of both worlds. ‎

  • Cloud Firewalls

    For cost-effective firewalling, we use Vyatta and run firewall appliances in the cloud.

    These can be stand alone or configured for high availability in a pair with a shared config and with automatic failover.

  • Cloud Load Balancers

    Using HAProxy we provide cost-effective load balancers as appliances running in the cloud, either stand alone or in a redundant pair. These can be very rapidly deployed and easily managed using the configuration management tool, Chef.

    For a commercially supported product, we use Riverbed Stingray (formerly Zeus) load balancers – again, running as dedicated appliances in the cloud.

  • Cloud Storage

    The great thing about cloud is its capability to grow with you. When you need more, we can upgrade your server with more storage on the fly.

    We deliver two tiers of cloud storage via NFS or, for Windows, CIFS / SAMBA: commodity storage (great for data which isn’t mission critical and for archiving) and enterprise grade storage with NetApp.

  • Cloud Email

    Email is one of those services just made for cloud:

    With EveryCity we offer a choice of either VMWare Zimbra or Microsoft Exchange.

  • 3rd Party Clouds

    Sometimes we might recommend making use of another cloud provider – we normally suggest either Joyent or AWS. However, we’re not tied to this – it depends on your requirements. The reasons for this vary: it might be because you’d like an IP address in another jurisdiction;

    it might be for disaster recovery; it might be simply to spread things around. That’s okay – we’re not precious. In fact, if you like, we’ll manage it all for for you. A lot of public clouds operate on a self-service basis. As we’re all about management, we can easily layer our elite management service on top.

Large Public Cloud Icon

Public Cloud

Public clouds are multi-tenanted environments. However, your specified resources (RAM, CPU and disk) are completely containerised and dedicated to you.

It couldn’t be quicker or easier to set up your cloud server with EveryCity. We will set up and deploy your server as soon as you order. All of our cloud servers come preconfigured and ready for use so that you don’t have to do any work. Our support doesn’t end there: all of our cloud servers come with premium SLAs as standard which guarantee you 100% uptime and 24/7/365 phone and email support directly from our expert technical account managers. We also offer flexible contracts with cloud, as we appreciate how quickly your hosting needs can change.

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Private Cloud

Some companies aren’t fully comfortable with cloud, or would prefer dedicated servers, but still want some of the flexibility afforded by cloud. In this case, EveryCity offers private hosting options, where you get the best of both worlds. You can lease dedicated equipment with us and virtualise your servers as you wish. If you’d like us to manage your private cloud for you, we would, of course, be happy to do so.

Large Hybrid Cloud Icon

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud is so flexible that we can tailor every aspect of it to your exact requirements and offer multiple hybrid solutions. Need a combination of cloud and dedicated hosting? We can do that for you. Prefer to split your cloud hosting between EveryCity and a third party like Amazon EC2? Or perhaps split it between an internal ‘private cloud’ and EveryCity? No problem on both counts. Only need part of your service managed? We can leave the rest to you. Want some parts of your solution up 24/7 and others only occasionally? We can work out a hybrid billing plan for you.

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