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How We Work

At EveryCity, we’re about delivering the very best in hosting based on our outstanding elite support service and the best in technology and technical competence. Our entire team of technical account managers are expert third-level engineers with decades of experience between them.

We’re dedicated to giving you the best possible service as standard. When you call you’ll get directly through to a technical account manager who is ready to help with whatever you need. We go the extra mile for you, and we’re there for you whenever you need us, 24/7/365. We will be part of your team as your own dedicated system or network administrators. We operate to premium SLAs that financially guarantee you 100% uptime and the fastest possible support response times.

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Only with EveryCity do you get a bespoke, personalised solution to perfectly match your needs. We offer total flexibility in every aspect of our services, products and managed solutions. Our expert technical account managers will help you to build up a streamlined solution for your hosting needs from our broad product range. You can choose what level of management you require from us, whether you require just infrastructure solutions or platforms and applications too. You can also decide how much involvement you would like from us, whether you prefer a self-managed approach or a hands-off solution where you leave everything to us so that you can focus on your core business aims. Whatever you choose, we are here to help you make the right decision for your company. And of course, we will always help you to adapt your solution as your needs change.

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EveryCity is an established and trusted company with a small business feel. This means that we can focus and dedicate our expertise to your needs without losing sight of our trademark elite service.

We offer an elite support package as standard to all customers which consists of direct contact with our team of technical account managers, all employed at senior level. We have done away with bureaucratic buffers and sales people; instead, when you call us you will get directly though to a technical account manager who knows you, your company and your hosting solutions personally. At EveryCity, we endeavour to fix your problems without needlessly upselling.

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Open Thinking

At EveryCity, we believe in collaborating to create the best results. This philosophy applies to every element of our business, from how we work with our customers to the very heart of our systems. Open source software has transformed the world in which we live, powering the heart of the internet. We make extensive use of Open Source software, and routinely contribute our work back to the community.

This includes using technologies such as SmartOS, an open source operating system based on OpenSolaris that has been engineered specifically for cloud computing. EveryCity’s engineers are heavily involved in the SmartOS community and routinely contribute back knowledge and patches. SmartOS is generating a lot of buzz and excitement in the world of cloud and EveryCity are well positioned to deliver the best SmartOS hosting available. To find out why SmartOS makes EveryCity’s hosting solutions outstanding, download our guide to SmartOS.

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