Service Offering

Our philosophy is a simple one – to deliver the best hosting, backed by the best technology and the best people.

At EveryCity, you won’t encounter call centres or ‘pass the buck’, ‘no can do’, disinterested support. Instead, our service offering includes a lively team of friendly, highly motivated and highly experienced hosting professionals, all at the top of their game and dedicated to delivering the very best in service.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are not simply focused on CPU, disk space, bandwidth, RAM, operating systems, servers, firewalls etc. What differentiates us is our focus on delivering real value to our clients. That means advice, consultancy and top notch solutions, which translate into true time and cost savings and which allow you to concentrate on what really matters – your applications, your websites, your clients and your core business goals.

100% Uptime, a high speed resilient network, the latest servers and the latest operating systems – these are a given. You can trust us to deliver.

Complex Solutions

Complex Solutions

EveryCity’s elite service begins before you’ve even decided on your hosting solutions. We know that your area of specialty is not hosting and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your service. So, as standard, we provide consultancy and advice on all aspects of our hosting solutions, from scalability to security. Once you’ve decided on your solution, we continue to guide and advise you to ensure that you’re always getting the best value and the best technical solutions for your changing needs.

24x7 Premium Support

24×7 Premium Support

At EveryCity, we are committed to going the extra mile for you. Our premium SLAs guarantee that when you call you’ll get directly through to a technical account manager who is ready to help with whatever you need, and when you email us with a problem someone will get back to you straight away with a solution. We are there for you whenever you need us, 24/7/365.

Offsite Backups

Offsite Backups

We want to guarantee you the most secure hosting possible, so with all of our managed servers we include regular backups as standard. Our servers are backed up at the end of each day and stored for at least 14 days. For critical data areas we can provide a higher frequency of backups, at up to five minute intervals in some case, depending on how frequently your data is changing. All of our backups are taken offsite to a second data centre, The Bunker, which is a former MOD underground facility.

Further to this, we also as standard take hourly snapshots which are kept on-site, meaning in the event of an accidental deletion or recent event, we can quickly and seamlessly restore files or data as needed.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

As part of our elite service offering we proactively monitor your servers as standard to make sure that you’re getting the service you’re paying for all the time. We carry out routine health monitoring as standard, as well as providing offsite server checks to make sure that your website is up and running and everything is as it should be. We monitor all of the critical applications on your server, such as Apache and MySQL, as well as other key performance indicators. What’s more, we pre-empt potential problems and will contact you to work out a seamless and cost effective solution before any issues arise. For instance, we’ll alert you as your server reaches 80% disk capacity so that we can add more storage in good time before anything falls over.

Large Service Level Management Icon

Service Level Management

The standards to which we work are encapsulated in our industry leading SLA which contains clear up-time guarantees and response times for each different level of support ticket.

Many of our clients have compliance or regulatory requirements, such as PCI DSS or ISO27001, and we routinely work with our clients to assist them in attaining such compliance. This includes answering Information Security questionnaires and facilitating on-site assessments and inspections. We adhere to strict Information Security Policies and follow industry best practices, ensuring compliance is quickly and easily attained.

We have also streamlined the way we work so that you will always get straight through to someone who can help and who will be able to schedule any work that needs to be done within a time-frame that meets with your needs and expectations. Think of us as your outsourced systems team – anything you’d expect an in house sys-admin to do, you can count on us to do too.

Large Application Management Icon

Application Management

Some ‘managed’ hosting providers simply look after the hardware and make sure the ‘lights are on’ – beyond that, you’re on your own. Others go further, patching and upgrading the OS and helping out with the web stack on top of this. Few, however, really take responsibility for anything beyond the OS and fewer still actually extend their management into the application layer.

EveryCity are different – we work very closely with our clients and go the extra mile. We’re able to manage complex solutions and bespoke applications, and this is achieved through careful documentation of solutions in a client ‘run book’. This is held centrally on our systems, and our support engineers will be trained on your solution, meaning we can carry out any pre-defined tasks to ensure your solution continues to run smoothly at all times.

Further, our engineers are highly qualified 3rd line technicians, not help desk operatives, meaning that in an unexpected scenario that isn’t documented, they have the skills and experience needed to investigate and rectify the fault quickly. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding support that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Large Managed Migrations Icon

Managed Migrations

Should you be interested in moving to EveyCity, as part of our service offering we can manage all elements of the migration free of charge. We’re aware that the thought of moving all your sites and applications may be off putting, to say the least. Relax – we’ll take care of it. And it won’t cost you a penny.

We’re very practised at migrations, doing these routinely. The first step is discovery, where we’ll log into existing servers, and documenting your setup. We will then replicate this as needed on our side, copying across configuration & data. We can make recommendations on the new setup as well, to ensure you get the best security, reliability and performance.

Step two is testing, where you check to make sure all is well with the new setup. If you spot any issues let us know and we’ll quickly rectify these.

Step three is go-live, where we can perform a final sync and put the site live at a time of your choosing, often with zero downtime. Plus we won’t charge you a penny until the go-live date.

Our migration service really is a key differentiator that makes switching to EveryCity a pleasure.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In todays high-tech economy, downtime, even in the event of an extreme disaster such as a flood, fire or terrorist attack, simply isn’t an option. EveryCity are able to offer a range of Disaster Recovery products and services to mitigate this, allowing your services to continue uninterrupted even in the worst case scenario.

We are able to provide cross-datacenter solutions, with a second or third site in a different city and on a separate network to the primary facility. We’re also able to manage DR solutions on 3rd party cloud environments, such as with Joyent or Amazon Web Services.

We’re able to meet a range of Recovery Time Objectives, and can provide solutions to fit most budgets, from simple dual-site DNS failover, to multi-datacenter global load balanced environments with replicated databases and NAS storage.

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