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Our cloud is powered by the latest Dell PowerEdge servers, utilising high specification Intel Xeon CPUs combined with 256 GB RAM to turbo charge performance. We are also able to offer Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, 10Gbps networking and the fastest Intel CPUs available on our Turbo Platform, for when you need the very highest levels of performance.

Our network utilises the the very best equipment available on the market today, comprising Juniper MX routers and Juniper EX switches. We operate a dual-switch fabric for resiliency, and our Juniper MX routers have 80Gbps of throughput capacity, with hardware ASIC forwarding and 10Gbps networking on-board. These are attached to multiple leading Tier-1 transit providers and peering exchanges, providing us with low level connectivity to AboveNet, TeliaSonera, NTT Verio, Sprint & Cogent, as well as LINX (London Internet Exchange), LONAP, AMS-IX, NL-ix, France-IX and Equinix Paris. Both LINX and LONAP have primary points of presence in our data centres, ensuring our customers have access to the lowest levels of latency.

All servers are connected with dual power supplies and dual bonded physical network connections, ensuring service continuity even in the event of switch failure. We operate a state of the art, first-class network offering the highest uptime in London. We reside within one of London’s leading data centres: Interxion at Liverpool Street, the data centre of choice for banks and trading exchanges, so we can guarantee that our network will always be available.

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Cloud Platform

At the heart of our cloud is SmartOS, the world’s most advanced operating system engineered specifically for cloud computing. SmartOS evolved from Sun/Oracle Solaris, an enterprise UNIX proven in some of the world’s most demanding high-intensity, maximum security environments, such as the financial industry. SmartOS takes this resilience, efficiency and volume-handling but brings it up to date for cloud.

SmartOS provides ZFS, the worlds most advanced filesystem that throws out 50 years of assumptions about how to do storage, providing unparalleled levels of data integrity, performance and reliability. DTrace provides real-time dynamic tracing, allowing you to quickly and easily pin-point performance bottlenecks with your application. SmartOS’s Service Management Framework (SMF) maintains the life-cycle of all services on the server, automatically restarting failed processes as part of SmartOS’s “predictive-self-healing” methodology.

Having SmartOS at the core of our servers allows us to provide you with the best managed service possible. To find out why SmartOS makes EveryCity’s hosting solutions outstanding, download our Guide to SmartOS.

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Scaling and High Availability

As a bespoke solutions provider, we’re able to provide a range of flexible scaling and high availability options, that can allow you to seamlessly grow to meet demand.

At the heart of this is Load Balancing, which divides incoming requests up amongst a pool of back end web servers. We’re able to provide commercial load balancing options such as Riverbed Stingray, as well as open source options such as HAProxy. All our Load Balancing options are available in a high availability option, with 2 or more instances so that services keep running even in the event of a failure.

In addition, we’re able to provide auto-scaling, including having “standby nodes” available to be auto-booted nearly instantaneously to meet demand. We can also provide products such as Global Load Balancing, cross-datacenter failover and disaster recovery options. Combine this with our outstanding support services, where we provide consultancy on performance optimisation and scaling, and you can understand why we’re the number one choice for high growth startups.

Supported Platforms

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We fully support Windows, Linux, Solaris and SmartOS, running either as a container or a VM, or on the ‘bare metal’.

Supported Stacks

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All of our cloud servers come preconfigured and ready for use so that you don’t have to do any work. We provide preconfigured environments that support the latest languages, such as Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET and PHP, along with frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Grails, DJango, JSF, etc. Further, we support all the latest database technologies including MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, Percona & MariaDB, as well as NoSQL options such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak and Redis.

Supported CMSs

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We can install and manage your choice of application environments on the cloud, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke and Magento. We offer help and advice with your sites and applications as part of our elite service to you.

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