Cloud Platform

  • We run our cloud on SmartOS, the world’s most advanced operating system
  • SmartOS includes ZFS, the world’s most advanced filesystem for unparalleled data integrity, performance and reliability
  • The Service Management Framework (SMF) maintains the life-cycle of all services on the server, making SmartOS essentially ‘self-healing’

The World's Most Advanced Operating System

  • Cloud Platform

    We operate a state of the art Cloud Platform based on Smart DataCenter, one of the most advanced products available on the market today. This leverages several key technologies – Containers, the ZFS Filesystem, and the KVM Hypervisor to provide unparalleled reliability, security and performance.
  • Containers

    Our cloud platform has full support for secure and lightweight “containers” – a lightweight virtualisation technology with no performance overhead. These are ideal for running any workloads where performance is a key factor, such as busy databases, high network throughput applications, or applications sensitive to latency.
  • ZFS Filesystem

    ZFS is the most advanced filesystem on the market today, providing guaranteed data integrity, low-cost filesystem snapshots, in-line compression, exceptional performance, and remote replication facilities.
  • KVM Hypervisor

    KVM is one of the newest and most advanced hypervisor products on the market today, providing us with a high performance and secure platform for running Windows & Linux virtual machines.
  • Private Network

    On our cloud platform you get a private network, fully isolated from other clients for your internal communication.