What is managed hosting?

By EveryCity on 12 Nov 2008

Simply said managed hosting is where a hosting company undertakes the upkeep and management of a server (normally a dedicated server), its operating system and a number of critical applications which allow it to serve webpages or function within its core role, typically a web server hosting a website.

Managed hosting can also include consulting, advice & help from the hosting company. Ideally they should be someone you can trust and have a good day to day relationship with.  There are currently three major benchmarks for managed hosting companies:


Most companies now have this under control, but it’s always important to check up.  Reliability usually applies to their network and connectivity to the rest of the world.


The responsiveness and how qualified the support engineers are is generally seen as one of, if not the critical factor. It’s also one of the areas where managed hosting companies vary the most. With some companies simply ensuring that the server is on and functioning normally to companies such as ourselves going as far as looking at the clients website or code and working with them where necessary to improve performance and correctly configure all the parameters.


Hardware is largely commoditised as are accepted practices such as including essential technologies such as RAID. Dell is widely used accross the hosting industry as they are relatively cheap compared to other branded alternatives. EveryCity prefer to use Sun Microsystems where possible as they have a higher overall build quality and can lead to higher performance.

To summise, a managed hosting company should be looking after all of the networking, hardware, operating system installation/configuration as well as supporting and helping developer configure critical applications such as IIS & Apache.

I hope this is of use, comments as always are welcomed. If you would like to find out more about EveryCitys Managed hosting then feel free to browse around the site.