EveryCity launches new brand

By Alice Pearce on 8 Sep 2015


We are very excited to be launching our new brand with an updated logo and new colour palette. It was fun to take time to work through the branding process, finding words to express what really matters to us as a company and great to find that had changed very little over the years.

Our principal value of working to fit what our clients want is naturally still there, though now captured in the words “Managed cloud hosting that’s built around you”.

That means continuing as we grow to provide a service that’s personalised to customers’ needs and maintaining our commitment to customers being looked after by small, friendly, solution-focused teams of highly talented engineers.

We love (and hope you will too) our new bold green principal colour which the design coloursmiths feel best captures the strength and solidity of our business. Our orange has grown up to a more subtle gold and moved to secondary position to reflect our qualities of reliability and professionalism, but we hope the photography you’ll see on the new website maintains the fun and friendly character you’re familiar with, as well as highlighting that we are a people business.

Our new website launched on 1st July, 2015 and, knowing you are all super-busy people, we have aimed to keep to the point with as few words and labyrinths as possible. We hope to keep our blog updated though with useful and interesting topics you’ll enjoy and value.