Data & The Cloud – LMForums’ Breakfast at the Ivy

By Alice Pearce on 13 Feb 2018

We are very grateful to our hosts, London Market Forums for inviting us to speak to their membership on Wednesday January, 31st 2018, over breakfast in the luxurious setting of the Ivy City Garden.

Gareth Hailes, EveryCity COO and transformation consultant, explained the latest trends in public cloud adoption and the approaches most popular with enterprises today. Gareth went on to describe the benefits of a DevOps approach to digital transformation, explaining this was not just something limited to technology, but involved collaboration across the business.

Following a delicious breakfast, our client and partner for a number of cloud data projects, Gordon Weston from Konica Minolta, talked of the increasing quantity and importance of data in businesses today. To emphasise the volume and potential value of data currently, Gordon took the audience through the considerable data trail ranging from Oyster and CCTV to bank cards and ATMs from just that morning’s journey to the venue.

Gordon Weston, CTO Konica Minolta Marketing Services

Gordon went on to describe the most efficient methods of developing a cloud data warehouse today, using agile methodologies to make the task effective in a less than ideal world of legacy systems and paper-based sources.

Our whitepaper, ‘London Market, Cloud Transformation: Moving into the Digital Fast Lane’, takes a deep dive into the WHY, as well as the HOW, of digital transformation within Lloyd’s and the London Market.