EveryCity’s Core Values: Are We Up to PAR?

By Simon Varney on 1 Jul 2015

golf up to par

At EveryCity we’ve always had a strong culture of putting our customers first. This has been cultivated over the years by the founders of the business, but as a company scales, at some point it makes sense to write these up into a written set of core values that all the staff can subscribe to.

To kickstart this process, we asked ourselves:

  • What’s important to us?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • How do we believe business should be done?

After speaking as a team, and listening closely to why our clients trust us with their hosting, we’ve come up with three "PAR Principles" that sum up EveryCity’s ethos. As a company, we strive to inject the "PAR Principles" into every facet of our business.

In the spirit of "PAR", we’d like to share these principles with you in the hopes that being transparent will hold us more accountable to them, and that maybe you’ll take something away for your own business or startup.

Here are EveryCity’s three guiding principles – the format of which was largely inspired by Moz’s blog post outlining their TAGFEE Tenets.

People Focused


Am I being as genuine and friendly as I can be? Am I making the people I work with feel comfortable and at ease?


  • We treat those we interact with at work the way that we’d treat a friend – with respect, patience, and consideration.
  • We never see interactions as “business to business,” but rather approach every exchange as individuals.
  • We’re supportive of those around us in all of their endeavours and never resort to personal attacks or name-calling.

Why we believe in it

We believe there’s more to business transactions than money. To reflect this, we’re personable with everyone that we interact with at work – from colleagues and clients, to sales leads and cold callers.

When we meet disagreements, we approach them from a “what’s best for the team” perspective instead of a “what’s best for me” perspective. Any feedback or criticism should always be constructive. We never attack each other’s work or ideas, make personal attacks, or name-call.

While many businesses in our industry can seem cold and indifferent, we strive to inject a personable approach into everything EveryCity does. We want to be positive, helpful, and supportive.


  • Developing a rapport with clients to the point where we’re on a first name basis with them.
  • Advising clients on their requirements in a way that puts the client’s needs first, and profit second.
  • Meeting with clients regularly to get to know them and their needs as individuals instead of as corporations.
  • Using a positive, up-beat voice in all of our communications.
  • EveryCity’s casual dress code and open-office layout.
  • Team events like board game night and the EveryCity boat party.



Am I over-delivering on what I’ve promised? Is there anything that I could do to exceed our client’s expectations?


  • We will endeavor to help our clients, even if their request is outside our domain of responsibility.
  • We will take the time to thoroughly go through any concerns or questions our clients may have in a way that’s as jargon-free and straightforward as possible.
  • We will constructively challenge when we see room for improvement.
  • We will strive to be leaders in our industry by continually checking our own comprehension and by challenging ourselves to learn more.
  • We will approach problems and requests with flexibility and imagination to create opportunities, and will avoid a “just no” mentality at all costs.

Why we believe in it

We know that a website that works is non-negotiable for businesses that rely on online. We’re committed to keeping our clients’ websites live even if the fault is on our client’s end and thus technically considered outside our responsibility. When our clients choose us, we want them to feel like they’re extending their team rather than working with an external contractor.

We’ll never give our clients what they don’t need, and we’ll always be there to offer a helping hand. Whatever we do, we aim for it to be better performance and better service than any other hosting provider.


  • Training our support team in the most up-to-date technologies to ensure they’re always at the top of their game.
  • Offering guidance on an application level where required by our clients to help them take their application to the next level.
  • Being available on evenings and weekends to assist our clients.
  • Offering the absolute best service and performance we can as standard.



Am I acting with as much integrity as possible? Are my actions reflecting trustworthiness?


  • We use the best technology available to ensure our performance is never compromised.
  • We aim to foster trustworthiness in everything we do – we’re open and fair with clients, suppliers, and each other.
  • We set honest expectations on what we can achieve and by when.
  • We’re totally accountable for the work we do and for our actions.
  • We’re proactive in ensuring that, where possible, we foresee and resolve any issues before they become problems.
  • We ensure that our clients can meet their deadlines.
  • We ensure that our clients’ sites are fast.

Why we believe in it

When it comes to hosting, we believe that reliability is key. By going with managed hosting, clients are trusting us to keep their website online which is a huge responsibility, and one that we don’t take lightly.

At EveryCity we believe it’s important our clients have peace of mind that we’ll keep their website live and functional, and that we, as a team, will be there for them no matter what. Having said that, we also believe that trust is earned not given, so earning and maintaining our clients’ trust is of the upmost importance to us. We’re there for our clients rain or shine, night or day to make sure their website is live, speedy, functional, and in accordance with their deadlines so they can focus on what’s important to them and what they’re good at – that’s our number one priority.


  • Executing a follow-up process to keep our clients informed when an issue has been resolved.
  • Establishing and sharing deadlines for projects so that internally and client-wise, we can set expectations.
  • Meeting with clients when they need to scale-up so that we’re proactive in their growth instead of reactive.
  • Sticking by issues and problems until they’re resolved and never leaving a client on their own in a time of need.

And there you have our three “PAR Principles”: People Focused, Above-and-Beyond, and Reliable.

We welcome any thoughts or comments on our guiding principles, and invite any and everyone to hold us accountable to them.