About Us

EveryCity was established in 2006 with a simple mission: to deliver the very best hosting on the market. Looking at the competition, we found that nobody offered the kind of bespoke service we knew that the modern business needed to thrive. Using that expertise, we now help many types of organisations transform and grow using leading-edge cloud technologies.

I come from a creative and customer focused background and this has become really useful at EveryCity. Everyone really works hard and genuinely tries their best to help our customers, no matter their company size. Lye Lee, Finance Assistant


Because your infrastructure is the foundation of business success and growth, we believe service is the key differentiator and that our service is the best available today. This is because we guarantee sophisticated, high-end technology, and bespoke, tailored solutions combined with flexible packages and highly skilled engineers. Our service is truly personalised and available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Whenever you call us, you’ll know who you’re talking to, because our small teams of experts work closely with you as a natural extension of your business. We’ll take the time to get to know your business from the inside out, so that you – and your own customers – feel properly taken care of.


Whether you’re growing your business or maintaining multiple sites and applications, the last thing you need is to worry about is what’s happening behind the scenes. With us on board, you can sit back secure in the knowledge that everything’s ticking over as it should be. And if it’s not? We’re already on it.

Leadership Team

A team of cloud veterans and domain experts that are proud to drop the jargon and partner with our customers to help them grow, innovate and disrupt.

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    Alasdair Lumsden


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    Jon Slater

    Chief Commercial Officer

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    Gareth Hailes


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    Simon Varney

    Director of Finance and Operations


Deliver best in class agnostic cloud services that help our customers transform and innovate using DevOps, SecOps and leading-edge cloud architecture and infrastructure. Supported by a team of experts that inspire and guide customers into an automated, containerised and cloud-native future.

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  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    Infrastructure as Code


I feel that EveryCity is one of the best companies to work for. I work with a great team and some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Osman Bashkel, InfoSec Analyst


Our culture is one of learning, collaboration, honesty and guidance - we are open about our own mistakes and constructive about others'. We work together to build an environment where communication comes easily and where we are straightforward with each other and our customers.

  • Care

    It really is that simple. At EveryCity we care about our projects. We care about our customers. We care about our people. From experience, we know caring is the first step to success. After that, everything starts to fit into place.

  • Collaborate

    We like building things here at EC. More importantly, we like doing it together. From physically building our servers to perfecting our culture, we do it as a team. We share knowledge and responsibility. We stand up in the morning to plan our days and we sit down at the end of the week to make decisions. Together, as a team.

  • Speak Out

    We mean it. We believe in continuous learning, not pointing fingers when things don’t work out as expected. We keep an eye out for improvement everywhere, at all times and are straightforward with each other and our customers. Everyone has the power to speak up and suggest changes. This way we all get to grow.

  • Pause, Think and Plan

    Measure twice, cut once. A stitch in time saves 9. You know what we mean. We work quickly, but we don’t rush. If there isn’t already a process in place, we create one. We plan, we document and we stick to it. But we are agile if there is a better approach. We owe it to our customers to be thoughtful, smart and consistent.

We're growing quickly and are always looking for creative, smart and driven people to join us.