Rapid migration for the leading audio distribution platform

SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest communities of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music and audio. The SoundCloud platform allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings combining a strong social media element.

Proactive support while growing exponentially

When SoundCloud migrated to EveryCity in early 2009, they had just announced funding of €2.5M to accelerate market traction, which was already very rapid ‐ so rapid, in fact, that after just a few months of growth they had started to experience severe scaling problems. It was at this point that they turned to EveryCity with a requirement to migrate as fast as possible before their old platform completely fell over.

The complete migration of SoundCloud to the EveryCity cloud was achieved in only three days. EveryCity quickly became ‘part of the team’ delivering proactive support along with a high level of knowledge and expertise. Issues tackled included custom compiling versions of Ruby, optimising databases, and setting up replication. We also provided a considerable amount of advice and guidance on best practices. Alongside the SoundCloud developers, EveryCity also helped to set up bespoke monitoring, replicas of live environments, testing servers and alerts for the transcoding queue.

The team at EveryCity were really proactive. We valued their mentoring, it was great to get that kind of competency.Eric Wahlfross, CTO, SoundCloud

EveryCity scaled SoundCloud from around 10,000 users at baseline to 100,000 in year one, and on to 3,000,000+ in year two. During this time SoundCloud’s growth was exponential – aided by EveryCity’s scalable platform and bespoke managed services.

By the time SoundCloud broke into the top thousand websites in the world they were able to access substantial funding which allowed them to develop and manage in-house infrastructure. We were delighted to advise and help with that migration too, which was as hitch-free as the on-boarding. We are delighted that SoundCloud’s success has continued and it is now in the top 200 websites in the world.

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