Managed Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud

Have the best of all worlds. Hybrid cloud gives your business the flexibility to handle highly changeable workloads effortlessly and cost effectively.

Working Together Across Your Infrastructure

We’ll work with you to determine the best hybrid solution for you. We can split your infrastructure between public, private, on-premise and third-party hosting, including Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure, in any configuration depending on your requirements.

  • Fully Managed Hybrid Services

    Unlike other cloud providers, we give you fully managed service as standard on each element of your hybrid cloud, including third-party. Our truly personalised always-on service means you can focus on what’s important: your users, your customers and your business.

  • Pick and Mix Infrastructure

    Hybrid gives you the opportunity and flexibility to spread workloads and technical assets across different types of infrastructure, meaning that your system can handle busy times and quiet times just as efficiently.

  • streamline

    Streamline Costs

    Mixing and matching your infrastructure can improve cost efficiency. By optimising the way your infrastructure runs, you can reduce your spend overall compared to choosing a single hosting solution for your entire IT setup.

  • Boost Your Security

    Hybrid gives you both flexibility and security. Seamlessly combine maximum security private cloud for sensitive and critical workloads like transactions, with the performance and scalability of public cloud for less sensitive activities, like testing and development.

Supporting All Flavours of Cloud

We're cloud agnostic and have engineers who specialise in different types of cloud, ensuring you get all of the benefits of cloud while reducing risk and cost.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    Public Cloud

    You need infrastructure and you need it fast. EveryCity cloud is high-speed, flexible, and fully managed so you're free to get on with running your business.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    Private Cloud

    For your additional compliance needs we offer private cloud. Ideal for high-security industries, you’ll get your own dedicated secure server.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting


    Get the super-rapid scalability of Amazon Web Services with the addition of our tailored management and full support that’s on call around the clock.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting


    Microsoft Azure can be complicated to setup and configure. We can relieve the burden by implementing and managing your Azure cloud for you.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting


    Like Rackspace’s infrastructure but not their service? Keep your existing cloud and get the benefit of our premium hands-on managed service on top.

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