Cloud Services

Cloud Migration

Ready to move? We’re here to help. We’ll manage the migration of your system between clouds completely so you don’t have to worry about choosing or setting up your new infrastructure. We’ll advise you on the best cloud setup for your needs.

What type of migration is right for you?

You're not on the cloud, or you're with a third-party supplier like Amazon, Rackspace or Azure. Don't worry, we'll guide you through your migration from start to finish.

  • Move to the Cloud

    Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be a chore. Leave the hard work to us. We will migrate your sites, systems and data from your existing servers to the cloud, whether you choose ours or a different cloud provider.

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    Cloud-to-cloud Migration

    You’re happy with your cloud provider, but your needs have changed. We’ll help you configure your cloud setup with your existing provider so you get a better solution for you, whether that means reducing your requirements or scaling them up to match your growth.

  • Cloud Service Migration

    Perhaps you’re not happy with your current cloud provider — we can help. We’ll work with you to find out your requirements and will help you decide which provider is better for you. We’ll manage the migration from one service provider to another so you don’t have to.

  • Seamless Migration

    No matter where you are migrating from and to, we’ve got the tools and expertise to make sure that no data gets lost in the move, and the migration from your existing technology to your new infrastructure runs without a hitch.

Stress-free Transfer

If the thought of moving your website to new infrastructure brings you out in a cold sweat, don’t panic. We’ll handle the whole process to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. No stress, just seamless transfer.

  • Minimum Disruption

    We know that you need to keep your service running with minimum disruption. We guarantee minimum disruption to your service and no data loss when you move over.

  • Minimum Effort

    We'll work alongside your current team to ensure the transition is as straightforward as possible. We can handle everything from DNS changes and domains to syncing and replicating your files and databases.

  • How It Works

    When it comes to migration, we’ve had plenty of practice. The first step is discovery, where we’ll document your setup. Then we copy across data and test it thoroughly before finally going live.

Struggling to Plan Your Migration?

Don't worry, we can help you out.