DevOps Culture

Culture is key to effective DevOps. It can require a culture shift to get your development teams working in tandem with us, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Working Closely With You

Working closely with your developers, we will support their best practices and tightly integrate these with our operations. We can make things faster and more efficient, allowing you to release new features quicker.

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    DevOps is all about teams collaborating effectively in order to get work done faster. We’ll work closely with you to facilitate effective communication with your teams and set up collaborative workflows that lead to seamless development and implementation.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    Rapid Development

    DevOps allows for rapid delivery. By working closely with your development team we can automate software delivery and reduce the time between committing a change and production.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    High Quality

    Collaboration and automation ensures we provide a higher quality of service. It reduces the time required to make changes to the system or the code, and gets your new features release-ready faster.

  • Third Party Cloud Hosting

    Best Practices

    You know what is best for you. We’ll work with you to extract and share best practices from your development team, enabling you to make things happen quickly and get to market fast.

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With EveryCity I feel almost as if they’re an extension of us. I don’t feel like we’re just another one in a long list of clients. Donovan Frew, CTO Secret Escapes

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