Managed Administration Services

System Administration

Stay confident that your systems are being looked after.

We manage and administer your cloud infrastructure to ensure your systems continue to work efficiently, no matter what. Our complete system administration offering combines carefully defined processes, the best automation technology, and highly skilled engineers to keep your systems running and fully optimised at all times.

Peace of Mind

We work closely with you to define a process driven approach and remove the burden of systems administration.

  • Managed Release Cycle

    Don’t lose track of the many moving parts in your release cycle. We can help by managing the flow of code from development to operations, within the repository of your choice. We test your code, and when it passes we’ll upgrade your systems and check for failures. If we find any, we carefully roll y

  • Our Operations

    Ongoing care of your systems is just as important as the initial build. Once your code is in production, we continue to monitor your software to make sure it's running smoothly. We measure and analyse system data to forecast performance capacity and detect internal problems before they turn into use

  • On Call Support

    You’re never on your own with our 24/7/365 support, and you don’t even need to call us if something goes wrong. Our automated system detects problems, manages the allocation of issues for the appropriate engineer on call, and alerts the engineer immediately. All without you having to get involved at

  • Alert Handling

    Rest assured that we’re in control if something goes wrong. Together, we'll construct a playbook of instructions for handling each alert, which our on call engineers can use. We’ll also automate countermeasures to quickly tackle frequent alerts, and for things that aren’t so easy to fix we’ll define

  • Scaling Up or Down

    Your system requirements will change over time, so it’s vital that your system can scale up and down to match. We automate the scaling process for you, so when more or less capacity is required your cloud is automatically adjusted. The same goes for changes to individual resources in your solution a

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