Security Services

You can only fully protect yourself when you know where your weaknesses are. Our experts use enterprise testing technology to identify vulnerabilities in your application or infrastructure, no matter which platform or cloud option you choose. We’ll help you fix any security flaws to make sure your gates stay firmly locked.

Quarterly Security Assessments

Make sure your security is as strong as it should be with regular assessments performed by our security engineers. You get the results in reports targeted at both technical and business, so your entire team can understand the weak points of your platform.

  • Application Vulnerability Scans

    Identify and repair your weaknesses at the deepest level. This scan goes deeper than a standard vulnerability test to check the integrity of your application.

  • Update Firewall Rules

    Your firewall is your first barrier to attack. We analyse your firewall rules to make sure they’re up-to-date, so no part of your server is left exposed.

  • User Access Audit

    You need to know that only authorised users have access to your system. We help you review user access permissions and remove users who shouldn’t be there.

  • Web Server and Database Hardening

    It’s not just your site that needs securing, but its foundations too. We check your web server and database have the right protocols to ensure they stay safe.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing goes a step further than finding vulnerabilities — it exploits them to check your defensive walls stay standing. We partner with an independent CHECK and CREST certified third party company to simulate attacks on your site, showing you exactly what would happen if you were to get

  • Safe Vulnerability Exploitation

    Keeping your site safe during testing is vital. Our penetration testers confirm any vulnerabilities in your code through safe exploitation methods that don’t put your application at risk. We simulate hacks to test for all known vulnerabilities without causing any application level issues.

  • Internal and External Testing

    It’s not just outside hackers you need to be aware of — your site and data may be vulnerable to attack by people inside your network too. Our penetration testers check for flaws that hackers can use to get in and also conduct internal scans to verify your site’s safety from malicious insiders.

  • Eliminate False Positives

    Sometimes, testing can show false positives that make it seem like you have a vulnerability which actually doesn’t exist. We eliminate false positives by scanning your code using safe techniques that double-check to make sure any vulnerabilities we’ve dug up are real.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    You’ll receive a comprehensive report with results of the penetration test including any web application flaws we find. We’ll give you advice on repairing any flaws and will help you plan and construct threat mitigation pathways to strengthen your defences.

Need Help Choosing?

We're here to make things easy for you. Get in touch and we can answer your questions and advise on the best security package or service for your organisation's business requirements.

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Security Consultancy

If you’re not quite sure what security you need, it’s okay. We'll work closely with you to construct your personalised security plan, and we’ll execute it for you too. With our four-phase consultancy, we gain a deep understanding of your security needs and draw up a plan with you to meet them.

  • 1 Discovery Phase

    We’ll work closely with you to gain an understanding of your systems, your high-level security threats, and what you want to achieve.

  • 2 Planning Phase

    You’ll get a personalised engagement plan with key activities, deliverables and goals, and details of what we’ll need to put the plan into action.

  • 3 Coordination Phase

    Leave the execution of the plan to us — we’ll coordinate all activities and teams and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

  • 4 Review Phase

    Once the plan has been executed, we’ll review it with you to make sure the goals have been met and together we'll agree on next steps.

Need Ongoing Managed Security?

We’ll work with you to build a security package that’ll keep your site secure and will scale as your business needs evolve.