5 things to do in 5 minutes to help promote your site each day

By Simon Varney on 28 Jul 2008

This week my main post is slightly delayed so I’ve added a small ‘tapas’ feature to help out people who are launching new sites and campaigns online. If you are really sensible you might even build it into a pitch and bill the time you spend doing it!

Essential Hit List

1. To even vaguely give the world a chance at finding your site, bookmark your page (and every page/post your create) using Del.icio.us (1min) or even better using Social Marker (30min+ if you do all the social bookmarking sites).

2. Get a twitter account (30secs) and email all your clients & prospects with the details (30secs) and use it as a news ticker of what you do each day including links to your site (1min a day).

3. Add a listing on DMOZ, it’s regarded as one of the most important directories for sites to be listed. (2mins)

4. Post a constructive comment each day on a blog that you read regularly including a link back to your site. (30sec)

5. Create news, move from: ‘We started work on a new project today’ to ‘x agency/company started work for x company today’ and syndicate it using NowPublic and email it to the right people at places like Brand Republic & Mad.co.uk. (30sec)

In reality to get started it may take you a bit more than 5 minutes to start doing everything here but if you get into a rhythm it should really help build up your audience.