LeWeb08 – How to build a community – Gary Vaynerchuck of Winelibrary.tv

By Simon Varney on 18 Dec 2008

Gary Vaynerchuck is a very well established entrepreneur who has built a multi-million dollar wine business from scratch.

From his talk at the largest European web conference LeWeb I took some very important points which although I’ve heard before, can’t be over-stressed for Agencies, SMBs and Brands alike.

You’re a clown if you’re not using Tubemogle to upload video,  as it is the best way to distribute and track video online.

-You have to love your audience, care about your community, and be authentic with content that you understand.  Caring, answer all your fan mails in a serious and authentic way.

Two things matter: Word of mouth – Now instead of a maximum audience of 100, people have audiences of thousands, if not tens of thousands & Customer service will prevail, if it’s good.

-If you can build a personal/people based brand you should as it will add value to yourself and the company you are working at.  A company/brand with a board of celebrities is always going to be more valued by a customer base than one which is invisible.

Live Video streaming by Ustream
Gary @ LeWeb in Paris 2008

Source: Gary Vaynerchuck, Winelibrary.tv