Three Steps to Clarify Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Simon Varney on 17 Apr 2014

Content marketing: the marketing buzzwords of 2014.

Don’t get me wrong – I love content marketing. I love that it’s a platform for businesses to interact with people, as people.

But how do you get content marketing right? It’s one thing to write about what you know and love, but if it adds no value, then what’s the point?

Content marketing is all about finding a balance between what you want to talk about, and what your audience wants to hear about.

In my experience, defining content marketing strategy has always been a three-step process…

Step One: Identify your target market

The first step to content marketing superstardom is identifying your target market. Knowing your target market means knowing your audience because these are the people that matter most to you and your business – these are the people you want to connect with.

Step Two: Identify what your target market wants to read about

Writing content tailored for your target market is so important, but something that so many businesses get wrong.

If you’re an app developer who’s targeting fashion-savvy 20-something women, there’s no point writing content for fellow app developers.

Do some research. Investigate the “top blogs for fashionistas,” or “best fashion blogs”… find out where the people you want to speak to are looking. That’s where you need to be.


Bringing value to your target market is the key to building relationships and repertoire.

Step Three: Figure out where you fit in

Once you have a grasp of what your target audience is interested in, figure out where you fit in. Can you blog about street fashion? Maybe you could blog about the future of fashion and technology.

Find a balance between what you love, and what your target market want to read about, and that’s your content marketing sweet spot.

Content marketing should be an evolutionary process of publishing, and seeing what people respond well to. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you want some content marketing inspiration, here are a few of my B2B favorites:




Is your business using content marketing? What’s your advice for nailing content marketing?