Cloud Platform

  • We run our cloud on SmartOS, the world’s most advanced operating system
  • SmartOS includes ZFS, the most efficient and intelligent filesystem on the market today, providing unparalleled data integrity, performance and reliability
  • The Service Management Framework (SMF) maintains the life-cycle of all services on the server, making SmartOS essentially ‘self-healing’

The World's Most Advanced Operating System

  • Cloud Platform

    We operate a state of the art Cloud Platform based on SmartOS, the only OS available today which has been designed from the ground up specifically for cloud computing. This leverages several key technologies – Containers, the ZFS Filesystem, and the KVM Hypervisor to provide unparalleled reliability, security and performance.
  • Containers

    Our cloud platform has full support for secure and lightweight "containers" – a lightweight virtualisation technology with no performance overhead. These are ideal for running any workloads where performance is a key factor, such as busy databases, high network throughput applications, or applications sensitive to latency.
  • ZFS Filesystem

    ZFS is a revolutionary filesystem providing guaranteed data integrity, low-cost filesystem snapshots, in-line compression, exceptional performance, and remote replication facilities.
  • KVM Hypervisor

    KVM is one of the leading open source hypervisor technologies available today, and provides high performance, reliable and secure virtualisation for hardware emulated Windows and Linux guests.
  • Private Network

    On our cloud platform you get a private network, fully isolated from other clients for your internal communication.