Network and Infrastructure

  • Over the last two years, our network can claim 100% uptime
  • We run at 10 gigabytes, the fastest available at Enterprise level
  • With no single point of failure our systems are highly robust

Redundancy and High Performance

  • Network

    As a RIPE Registered ISP, we own and operate our own state of the art Juniper carrier class network, connecting into multiple Tier 1 transit providers and peering exchanges. This provides you with unparalleled reliability, low latency and high speed access to the global internet.

  • No single point of failure

    We operate a fully redundant network, operating with no single point of failure. All our servers are connected into two isolated switch fabrics for maximum reliability and performance.

  • Multiple Tier 1 Providers

    Our global internet transit is provided by the Tier 1 providers NTT, Zayo and Internap, providing us with reliable and high speed access to the worldwide Internet.

  • Multiple Peering Exchanges

    We are members of LINX and LONAP, providing us with direct access to the UK’s largest peering exchanges. This facilitates low latency high speed access to UK and European destinations.

  • IPv6 Enabled

    Our network is fully IPv6 enabled from core to edge, enabling our clients to have native direct access to the next generation Internet.

  • High Performance

    Our independent switch fabrics are interconnected via a 128Gbps backplane, facilitating line-rate 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections between servers at exceptionally low latency.