EveryCity Cloud Security

  • We provide a secure private network and firewalling as standard
  • Tailored security solutions to meet even the most stringent compliance requirements
  • All data stored in the UK is covered: we’re data protection registered and comply fully with the EU data protection laws

Security is Paramount

  • Security

    Security is absolutely paramount in today’s fully interconnected world, which is why we take your security seriously. We implement the latest industry best practices to secure your environments and data, and as part of our managed package work to keep client environments secure at all times.
  • Private Network

    We place both your physical and virtual servers in their own isolated and secure “Virtual LAN” (VLAN), providing high speed, fully private communication between your servers.
  • UK & European Data Protection

    As a UK Company, we are UK data protection registered and comply fully with EU data protection laws.
  • Firewalling & IDP

    All client environments are firewalled as standard, and where clients require additional levels of security, we can provide both dedicated virtual and hardware firewall options. We're also able to provide a range of Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP) options in both software and hardware.
  • Tailored Security Solutions

    We have helped a number of our clients meet complex industry compliance and regulatory requirements, including completing security assessment questionnaires, facilitating external security audits and implementing bespoke security practices internally.